Introducing Daulat — digital wealth-management platform for every Indian

Varun Fatehpuria
November 24, 2021
Daulat - Wealth management platform
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Today, we’re introducing Daulat, a new-age, tech-enabled wealth management platform helping Indians invest better. 

The inspiration to begin this can be traced back to what I have already been doing informally for my friends and family over the last 3-4 years i.e. helping them invest in a disciplined manner.

How it all started

Like most Indians, I was pushed by my parents to invest in ‘safe’ investment products like FD, PPF etc. But also like most Indians, I grew up amongst the constant household chatter of ‘Bazaar girega ab’ (The stock market will fall now) and ‘IPO overvalued lag raha hain? ’ (This IPO seems overvalued). 

Yet, I intuitively knew, that is not a good starting point if I wanted to build wealth over a long period. 

To get started and keep things simple, I started with researching mutual funds/ETFS — because it was less time-consuming than picking individual stocks. Like everyone else, I did everything — asked my peers, went through a bazillion investment websites/forums, signed up for premium memberships etc. 

But, something was amiss

Everyone and every website had its own recommendation. There were just too many of them to make any reasonable sense out of. E.g. there are over 2,000 mutual fund schemes, across 48 fund categories, offered by 45 Asset Management Companies.

And that old-school broker and distributor of my father ? Well, he was more focused on ‘selling’ me all these investment products than helping me understand what they meant in the first place. 

Introducing Daulat

I never felt confident enough to invest — because I did not know what combination of them was a right fit for me and whether if I could trust someone/something who was not completely invested in my success.

There must be a better way of doing it

Stock market, please meet COVID

March 2020 was a pivotal and defining moment. All my friends and family who had investment and accumulated some corpus in the markets were terrified to see their portfolio value drop by -20-30% essentially overnight. I started getting frantic calls for advice. 

But my experience working at some of the world’s biggest and best investment firms — which had shaped my investment journey until then — allowed me to approach this momemt with calm and comppsure. Events such as these often shine a light on the importance of following a disciplined investing approach. 

Hindsight is 20/20 (pun intended 🙂 ), but people who displayed the psychological strength and stayed invested through that period then experienced one of the best-performing bull markets the world had ever seen. 

Putting it all together

Come, join us

Don't wait until it's too late.

Start today and secure your future.

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