You are a Balanced Investor!

You are an aggressive investor with a strong bias towards investments with high growth potential due to your investment experience. You are willing to accept higher performance fluctuations in return for potentially higher long term capital growth.

You are a balanced investor with some understanding of investment market behaviour. You prefer a balance between capital growth and capital security. You are prepared to accept some short term risk in order to gain longer term capital growth.

You are a conservative investor whose priority is the safeguarding of your current investment capital over the desire for increasing potential returns.

You are a growth investor who understands the movement of investment markets. You are most interested in maximising long term capital growth, although you do not wish to make unbalanced investment decisions. You are happy to take calculated risks in order to maximise long term capital growth.

You are a moderate investor primarily seeking income with some potential for capital growth. You prefer a low level of investment value volatility and therefore you are willing to accept lower potential investment returns.

Here’s a diversified portfolio for a Balanced Investor like you

Your answers determined the mix of investments that work to deliver the highest return for your comfort zone for risk and investing preferences.

  • Indian Large Cap

    These represent the top 100 companies of India in terms of their market capitalization. E.g. Reliance, HDFC, ICICI Bank etc. These companies have generally a stable earnings and business model and are true representation of the strength of the Indian economy.

  • Indian Mid Cap

    The companies which are listed from 101st – 250th in the Nifty/Sensex Index are considered mid-cap companies. These companies have exhibited great growth and over time are expected to become market leaders in their category.

  • Indian Small Cap

    Companies with a market capitalization of generally less than 500 crores are categorized as small-cap. These stocks tend to be very volatile in nature and should only be considered by individuals who have a high-risk tolerance.

  • US Equities

    These represent ownership in some of the biggest and best know US companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.

  • Corporate Bond

    Bonds issued by institutions like Bajaj Finance, SBI that provide higher-returns than government bonds and carry some risk.

  • Govt. Bond

    Bonds issued by the Government of India which promise a regular source of income with little/no default risk

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